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I.K.V. is a Cyprus company and a joint Cyprus-Czech project of lawyers dealing with the administration of companies and trusts. The owners of the company, established in 2010, are three members of Cyprus Bar Association, Spyros Ierotheou, Michalis Kamperis and Milan Vasicek. The company´s goal is to provide especially trust services in Cyprus to clients who are mainly from former Eastern European countries. Considering the fact that Milan Vasicek is at his office in Nicosia regularly almost every month and otherwise he is available at his offices in Brno and Prague, the direct communication with clients is facilitated.

The company provides comprehensive service for entrepreneurs in Greek, English, Czech and Russian language and all under one roof with English as the main communicative language. The service covers creating and administering trust and companies including accounting, auditing and consulting services in the taxation field based on years of experience of all three lawyers and their teams.

V.F.H. company services LTD

General Information about Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island country with a population not exceeding 1 million inhabitants. Together with the Czech Republic and other countries, Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004. Accession to EU generated an impulse for creating favourable conditions for all businesses registered in Cyprus.

What makes Cyprus so interesting that it is being used as a base for business activities?

It is mainly:

  • Steady legal environment based on anglo-saxon legal system
  • A wide network of investment protection treaties
  • A wide network of double taxation treaties
  • Simple regulation of bookkeeping including bookkeeping for tax purposes, IFRS fully applied
  • and last but not least, a reasonable 12.5% corporate tax for legal entities and tax exemption for capital revenues, received dividends and dividends paid abroad.

Combination of all these attributes makes Cyprus a highly competitive location for business activities and for registered offices of serious business corporations.

Cyprus is also becoming very attractive because of the possibility to set up a trust by non-residents.
The most common legal form of business establishment is Ltd. which is a very simple company with shares, where the shareholders are registered with the business registry.